Tuesday, 18 March 2014


The first Forum for Chinese Women in UK was launched on March 10th at the Asia House. Ms. Li Quan of China Tiger Revival (UK) was proud to be co-founder of Forum for Chinese Women in UK.

This is a new initiative by Chinese women for Chinese women. The objective of the forum is to increase the awareness of diverse achievements by Chinese women in British society as well as inspire others to contribute to and integrate into our adopted country which has given us a lot of opportunities, the Great Britain. China Tiger Revival hopes to increase the awareness of wildlife conservation among the Chinese community in UK and encourage more women to participate in local environmental endeavors. 

Chinese women enjoy perhaps one of the world’s most equal status with men in modern China. They have accomplished tremendously in such areas as business, academia, sports, politics as well arts and literature. Yet their achievements are not yet as well publicized and celebrated in Britain. With the increasing number of Chinese women assuming important roles in various sectors of British society, we believe it is time to bring awareness of their achievements to a wider British public.

The forum aims to achieve the following:

-Showcase achievements by Chinese women living and working in UK from different fields

-Inspire more Chinese women to contribute to their adopted country

-Encourage integration of Chinese women within Britain

-Facilitate exchange between Chinese women and women of other ethnic groups in UK

Future events will be organized to continue this effort. Watch this space!

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