Friday, 27 December 2013

Statement Concerning Recent Media Reports on My Divorce Proceedings

Given the press reporting of my divorce proceedings with my ex-husband Stuart Bray, I would like to make the following statements.

1. Stuart Bray had complete control of the finances of Save China’s Tigers (SCT) during my marriage.

2. I trusted him 100% given his extensive banking and financial background.

3. During my tenure I made my best efforts to ensure that all third party donations were channeled directly to the tiger project.

4. My concern about certain actions my ex-husband had taken regarding the charity's financial administration was the catalyst for the divorce, as I felt it was immensely damaging to my life's work with the tigers;

5. I set up a new charity, so as to make a clean break from Save China’s Tigers (UK) where my Ex-husband is the sole director. I also want to be able to ensure that my supporter's donations are handled 100% correctly by the new charity.

6. Since my involvement with SCT was "terminated" by Stuart Bray on July 24th 2012 in response to my inquiry to his actions, I have had nothing whatsoever to do with that organisation, and as such can take no responsibility whatsoever for any current activities.

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