Monday, 11 May 2015


We often don't realise that the little acts of kindness, which might even be an afterthought and forgotten by us afterwards, may have profound impact on others, and sometimes change the course of their lives.

I was at a function recently and someone who looked very familiar came over to me and greeted me so warmly as if he knew me very well.  He asked  me how I was, but I couldn't for the life of me remember who he was. I was too embarrassed to ask his name so I introduced him to my friend hoping he would reveal his name to her, but he didn't.

I searched my brain fast and furious to find ways to figure out who he was.  I was more confused when he told me, a bit shyly, that he now owns the shop where he worked before, as if I had also known  about that shop too. He said I should go visit the shop, bringing my friend and it would be his treat.  What shop?? I thought to myself…Another clue that I was supposed to know, but I didn't. I then thought to ask him if he had an updated business card but he suggested that we should scan each other's Wechat.  Sadly his Wechat simply said "David".  But even when he told us his Chinese name it didn’t ring a bell either ..

By chance, I glimpsed the Alias under his name on Wechat describing him as a medical practitioner. All of a sudden It dawned on me that he was the Tuina and acupuncture doctor that I once used years ago. I had given him a little helping hand when he had no job, was illegal and in dire financial condition. I introduced him to someone who owned a clinic in north london and  his life has since taken a dramatic turn for the better.

He was so grateful and phoned me often offering to give me free treatments initially but I never took them up. It’s not easy for people like him making a living, even if it is someone as skilled as he is, so I wouldn't dream of taking him for granted just because I happened to put him to someone who gave him a job.  As years went by  I just forgot all about this entire episode.

Now he has made enough money to own a clinic, a car and even obtained legal status. He seemed well to-to-do and knew quite a few people at the function. Seeing him in such a good state made me feel I had done something worthy.  I have made other introductions to connect people, including a successful marriage, but not all of them were happy stories.  In fact, some results were less than ideal and some even came back to bite me.  But knowing David’s life has changed for the better due to a phone call I made just gave me an un-describable  satisfaction.  

David offered once more to treat me, to serve me, as if he owed his life to me, for something I have done that I’d even consider trivial.  Although the chance of me taking up his offers is slim, but I am immensely grateful to know that should one day I desperately need his help, I have someone to count on.

Here’s to a little helping hand!