Monday, 7 November 2016

Antarctic at Home in London

A couple of weeks ago,  a friend of a friend, after having had a quick peep into my now petty bare flat with a broken boiler for the third winter,  said, “I wouldn’t want to have my dog living here. How can you live like this?”

Now that the temperature has dropped another 10 degrees celsius to nearly zero, I can feel the chill to the bone.  The little electric heaters get lost in this big open warehouse space with high ceilings. 

I am grateful to all of my friends who have given me and/or offered me shelters in these challenging years.  At least, with my cats gone, I don’t have to worry about them shuddering in the cold on the electric blanket. 

And if this cold doesn’t kill me, what else will?!

Indeed, I might have become a penguin.