Friday, 15 October 2010

Launching “Rewilded” in Celebration of Ten Years of Save China’s Tigers

Dear friends and supporters,

Ten years ago, on 9th October 2000 we celebrated the founding of our UK-based charity Save China’s Tigers (SCT) at the Chinese Embassy in London. In the years that followed SCT embarked on one of the most ambitious wildlife conservation projects yet. In a last ditch effort to save and restore the critically endangered South China tiger -- of all tigers the oldest – some cubs were taken from zoos in China to our specially prepared “Laohu Valley Reserve” in South Africa. There they were rewilded,in preparation for their eventual return to their native habitat.

The project has not been without challenges and heartbreaks. But ten years on SCT is still alive and well. Our pioneering tiger rewilding program has now received enthusiastic approval and recognition from many of the world’s most respected wildcat biologists, who believe it may serve as a model for future carnivore conservation. Even the term tiger rewilding has been accepted into conservation vocabulary.

To remember what has been a highly eventful decade, to mark this Chinese Year of the Tiger, and to celebrate SCT’s achievements, we have published our photo documentary book Rewilded. It beautifully chronicles the story of a few last remaining South China tigers in their fight to regain their former glory as Lord of Hundred Beasts.

I would also like to use this occasion to thank you -- my friends and supporters -- for giving me your most generous help over the past and sometimes very difficult ten years.

With very best wishes!

Li Quan
Founding Director

With Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran

With Sir David Tang

With Robert Hanson

With Supporters

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Book Launch in Shanghai Tang London Shop