Thursday, 18 February 2010


Wests Tigers has formed a relationship with the Save China's Tigers (SCT) Foundation to help protect one of the world’s most cherished and loved animals from extinction.

With 2010 being the Chinese 'Year of the Tiger', Wests Tigers is proud to support the Foundation following a meeting with SCT founder Li Quan and its Australian representative, Steven Prassas.

The club will work with the SCT Foundation in China to raise awareness of their vital program which sees actor Jackie Chan as an ambassador. The partnership will also open up doors to potential sponsors and new Wests Tigers supporters.

To show their support for the program, Wests Tigers players and coaching staff wore Save China's Tigers t-shirts during a training session at Concord Oval. Interest in the partnership is already strong in China with footage of the local launch to be used there.

Prior to training, model Bec Fordyce was body painted as a tiger by world renowned body artist Tim Gratton for the launch.

Formed in London 10 years ago, the SCT foundation is dedicated to saving the magnificent South China Tiger from extinction. It is estimated there are less than 100 South China Tigers left with most of them living in less than ideal conditions in China’s Zoos. For millions of years, the Chinese tiger roamed the mountains of China.

The Chinese tiger has been a national treasure and an historic cultural symbol of 'protection' for China and its peoples.

In 2003 and 2004 by agreement with the Chinese Government, 4 zoo born tigers were taken to the foundation’s 300 sq km reserve in South Africa to take part in an ambitious breeding and re-wilding program. Re-wilding involves teaching tigers hunting and survival skills so that they are able to survive in the wild.

South Africa was chosen to implement the Foundation’s program because of its leadership in wildlife management, availability of suitable land and abundant game.

In the last 3 years, 8 tigers were born in South Africa with 5 surviving. One of the two cubs born on March 30, 2008 was named Jen- B after the Foundation received a very generous donation of $75,000 from Jennifer Bone, an Australian passionate about big cat conservation. JenB is now a strong, almost fully grown tiger and along with his brother Coco is developing the skills he will need to hunt and survive in the protected wilderness areas of China.

The Foundation's agreement with the Chinese Government is for the re-wilded tigers to be returned to protected reserves in China. Two sites for reserves consisting of hundreds of square kilometers have been selected for this purpose.

According to Chinese astrology, 2010 is the Year of the Tiger. It is hoped that these two sites in China will be ready for the tigers towards the end of this year.

"The Foundation is very grateful for the support being given by the Wests Tigers Rugby League Club and its players in assisting the Foundation to raise awareness of the plight of the South China Tiger and the magnificent work that the Foundation is doing to preserve this majestic and iconic animal for future generations," Prassas said.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Dear Friends of Save China's Tigers

Twelve years ago, it was predicted by some organizations that the South China Tigers will go extinct by the next Chinese Year of the Tiger (2010).Coincidently that was about when we decided to take on the challenging task of rescuing the South China Tigers from this dire consequence. With the Chinese Tiger Year arriving, this time starting on Valentine's Day of Feb 14th (what a nice coincidence!), there is much reason for celebration as the South China Tiger is still alive and kicking, despite the declaration of its extinction by some organizations recently. And there is hope for its return as King of Beasts back to China's Wild.

It has been a very challenging ten years for Save China's Tigers, and the most difficult obstacles have not been the unprecedented rewilding of the South China Tigers themselves. Despite all the roadblocks, out of the original five tigers we brought from China to South Africa, we now have five second-generation tigers capable of fending for themselves and the number is still growing. To celebrate the tenth year anniversary of Save China's Tigers, the 2010 Chinese Year of the Tiger as well as the possible restoration of the South China Tigers as Kings of Mountains in China, we have undertaken a number of activities as below:
1. We launched an awareness campaign titled "the Last South China Tiger", created by New Orleans body painting artist Craig Tracy who kindly donated his work to Save China's Tigers. These stunning images and video are spreading around the net and you can see on our websites both the still images and the video.
A short version of the video can also be downloaded from here on our website and sent to your friends by email or mobile phone.
Glycee painting of "the Last South China Tiger" is also on sale in our E-shop.
2. We created a Tiger Tram campaign in HK. Please see press release and the cool images of the prowling Tiger Tram.
3. Our book "South China Tiger Diaries" was published by the People's Literature Press, in the Chinese Language. This beautifully designed book chronicled the lives of 5 South China Tigers and their cubs learning to hunt and fend for themselves at Laohu Valley Reserve in South Africa. It described the challenges and setbacks they faced, their love and romance, births of their cubs and their survival training in fun and humorous language. The book is on sale in major bookstores around China.
More exciting projects are on the way. For example, we are working on a coffee table book which tells the stories of our tigers under rewilding training through memorable photos collected during past seven years of their life in a wild place. So watch this space!

Finally, I would like to use this opportunity to thank all of you for providing support for Save China's Tigers over the past ten years. It's a remarkable feat that a small organization like ours is not only still thriving after all this time and all the difficult challenges, it is also going from strength to strength- having set up our Wildcat Fund and started supporting other wild cat conservation projects internationally. Thanks to all of you!

I wish you all a very good Year of the Tiger and make the best of it, as it wont come for another 12 years after this.

Li Quan