Friday, 27 December 2013

Statement Concerning Recent Media Reports on My Divorce Proceedings

Given the press reporting of my divorce proceedings with my ex-husband Stuart Bray, I would like to make the following statements.

1. Stuart Bray had complete control of the finances of Save China’s Tigers (SCT) during my marriage.

2. I trusted him 100% given his extensive banking and financial background.

3. During my tenure I made my best efforts to ensure that all third party donations were channeled directly to the tiger project.

4. My concern about certain actions my ex-husband had taken regarding the charity's financial administration was the catalyst for the divorce, as I felt it was immensely damaging to my life's work with the tigers;

5. I set up a new charity, so as to make a clean break from Save China’s Tigers (UK) where my Ex-husband is the sole director. I also want to be able to ensure that my supporter's donations are handled 100% correctly by the new charity.

6. Since my involvement with SCT was "terminated" by Stuart Bray on July 24th 2012 in response to my inquiry to his actions, I have had nothing whatsoever to do with that organisation, and as such can take no responsibility whatsoever for any current activities.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Trials of a Tiger Mother- China Daily Dec 4, 2013

In returning big cats to the wild, Quan Li has proven her critics wrong
Quan Li says she fell in love with tigers when she first saw them in a Beijing zoo as a girl, unaware that one day she would help save these tigers from extinction.
Quan, a former fashion executive who started a charity to help introduce South China Tigers back into the wild in 2000, has proven that rewilding tigers works, because the five animals she took from China to South Africa have now turned into 14.