Thursday, 29 November 2007

Celibrity South China Tiger Cub

Nearly 6 days have gone by, our little South China Tiger cub "Tiger Woods Junior" has gown from 1.20 kilos to 2 kilos today. The attention he received is overwhelming and he is delightfully oblivious of his celebrity status!

The interval of his food intake has increased from every 2.5 hours to every 4-5 hours. When he drinks he patters. He eats well, but decided he would not drink the milk with the added ingredients that help his stomach digest. Oh Well!

When he sleeps, he twitches, probably dreaming about.........! He has a homing instinct to find his little carrier kennel but gets it wrong from time to time and ends up in the corner between his small kennel and the wall. He has got a big kennel today but only sniffs around it and goes in to explore and then crawls out of it.

He cries less now and utters a kind of "miaow" when he wants attention. He can track where the human voice comes from and then tracks it down by crawling to the source. And Boy he crawls fast!!! Being such a strong baby now I wonder what he would be able to do when he is ready to go out and catch his first game!

More later!