Monday, 16 February 2015

SUCH A PAIN, THE GIRL FROM BEIJING (Translated from Wechat)

Over the years I have lived outside of China, I have come across various remarks on me, ranging from the complimentary, to the derogative, and to utter bewilderment. Many people have a stereotypical view of what the folks of so and so culture are like, but when behaviours do not fall into stereotypes, people would comment “oh you are not very Chinese” etc. But just as there are eighty shades of Chinese, there are also more than  eighty shades of Chinese women. 

When I stumbled on this description of women from Beijing as viewed by other Chinese, I thought I should translate and share it here. With the exception of one line, it is amazingly accurate. Many Chinese do not like or can not digest milk, so forget about drinking Sanyuan milk. 

Despite the fact that many Beijingers have ancestral homes elsewhere in China, they inevitably acquire that Beijing character when they are born in Beijing, no matter which part of China their parents originally come from. It is the air, the earth, the sound of the crickets, and the street lives in Hutongs, that make a Beijinger Beijinger.


The Beijing girl is a fast talker, simple-headed, & kind-hearted.
The Beijing girl does not like any contests. She doesn't care if you believe her or not. Take it or leave it.
The Beijing girl does not beg. If you can’t deal with her, she will let you off the hook.
The Beijing girl is not class conscious. She can have a conversation with anyone, anywhere.
The Beijing girl is casual. She likes to wear dark-coloured trousers, sitting wherever she pleases. But she also loves to be clean. 

The Beijing girl is not so lady-like and graceful. She loves laughing and talking loud as she pleases. Only good friends close to her can understand her.
The Beijing girl is not so virtuous. But at least she won’t be waiting for you at home expecting you to bring the spoon to her mouth everyday.
The Beijing girl is not a snob. She loves you whether you are rich or not. The fun lies in two people pulling forces together.
The Beijing girl is simple, believing whatever you tell her.  If you have the gut to lie to me, do I have the nerve not to believe you?
The Beijing girl is not so squeamish. She can bear pain and hardships but the person she suffers for must be worthy of her.
The Beijing girl is polite.  As much as she can be shy, she will still address you cordially.  She is simple.

I am a Beijing girl, rising in the morning with the songs of pigeons in the sky since childhood!
I am a Beijing girl. I SO get tired of the person I love that I treat him better than my own life!
I am a Beijing girl. I just love trashing those closest to me and bickering with them. 
I am a Beijing girl. I will pound the table with my eyes staring at those whose actions I find offensive. No one can stop me.
I am a Beijing girl. I grew up drinking milk made by Sanyuan!

I am a Beijing girl. I must wear cheongsam and hairpin when getting married!
I am a Beijing girl. I am just mischievous as if missing something in my head.
I am a Beijing girl.  I will never forget catching cicadas with bamboo poles in the summer when I was a child.
I am a Beijing girl. I just love bird cages and grasshopper cans, while holding two cracked walnuts in my hands!

Beijing girls are all so proud! And Why Not?! We grew up in the heart of our motherland.