Friday, 31 October 2014

The Lance Armstrong Story - Stop at Nothing

Quotes from “The Lance Armstrong Story - Stop at Nothing”
BBC Documentary Aired on July 6 2014

Betsy Andreu who was the first to expose Lance Armstrong said of Armstrong: “His Modus Operandi ‘Don't attack the message, attack the messenger’.”

Jeffery M. Tillotson, lawyer, “Great Liar Lance Armstrong: ‘I never doped. I passed every test. And anyone who challenges me, I am currently suing and are proving they are lying.”
“They were very mean and very dismissive of Emma O’Reilly, as they were really almost of all the women that testified against Armstrong.”

Emma O’Reilly, Armstrong’s former masseuse,“You don't talk about people like that.. By calling me those names. Calling me basically an alcoholic prostitute. Its just attacking me personally, but it’s not addressing the points I brought up.”

Jeffery M. Tillotson, “Either everyone who I had talked to, and all the evidence I had gathered, and all the scientists and other people were liars, which I found frankly were impossible, or Lance approached basically clinically a sociopath, someone able to do wrong without remorse, or care who they hurt in the process. The former was unpalatable, and the latter was scary. That we were litigating with someone who would do anything to prevail.”

Floyd Landis said of Armstrong’s cancer campaign: “The Longer it went on the more impressed I am that Lance could maintain a story like that that was nearly 100% fabricated, and still live such an obnoxious life, and not even tried to hide it.”

David Walsh, journalist, quotes: “Lance came back, because he couldn't stay away. Why couldn't he stay away? Because its like the oldest theme in Hollywood that you ever come across: The Jewel thief, the bank robber the assassin. They do their jobs brilliantly. They win every time. They kill all the people they should kill, they get all the jewels they should get, they get all the money from the bank they should get. Somebody comes and says, One More Job.”

Speaking of Floyd Landis, one-time Tour De France Champion who maintained his innocence of doping, “And Lance and Bruyneel, both kindred spirits, in terms of having no emotional intelligence, decide they don't want to have anything to do with Floyd, he is just a loser, he got caught. They don't realize they are actually handling a ticking bomb here. Floyd has offered them the chance to diffuse the bomb. To just take out that little pin or whatever, give him a little, small job in the team, everything is OK. They tell him to get lost and the bomb blows up in their faces.”

“You know the information kind of started trickling out of me, and then after 15 minutes or so it just poured out of me. I don't think they were expecting any kind of testimony like they got. Lance Armstrong didn't appreciate that. A few months later I was out at dinner with some friends, and he must have eyes on me because he had people contact me, and let him know where I was, and he you know, approached me, and tried to intimidate me. He said he was going to make life living hell both in the court room and out of the court room.”

“It goes to show the power that Armstrong has. He got a Federal Investigation shut down, despite having all that information out there, and all that evidence out there.” “I was so disappointed in the whole system, you know.this corruption can happen, and, you know, favours can be granted.”

Tarvis Tygard picks up the baton:”…This was not just about Armstrong getting away with doping for a few years.. He (Armstrong) was the boss, the evidence is clear. He was one of the ring leaders of this conspiracy, that pulled off this grand heist, using tens of millions of tax-payers dollars, that defrauded millions of sport fans and his fellow competitors.”

“Lance immediately went on the attack, immediately sued them in his home court, and immediately started saying, ‘you saw it as a terrible, bad, kangaroo organization.’. I thought, here we go again. He is going to bloody them up. He is going to walk away from this.” “Almost every turn the lobbyists for Armstrong and his criminal defence attorney, and others, want to bankrupt us and take us down. Whether it was claiming to the world media he had not authority or we were on witch hunts or the jurisdiction didn't rest with us, there were numerous efforts by them to ensure this information never got out.”

“He is like the guy who robs a bank, and then says, ‘Oops, forgot to frisk the tellers for any money they might have in their pocket’. So he essentially wanted it all.”