Sunday, 6 October 2013

My Presentation on Tiger Rewilding & Reintroduction at Wild10 Congress

Ms. Li Quan, a founding director of CTR who initiated the world’s first Tiger Rewilding project in 2001, spoke on the "Role of Tiger Rewilding & Reintroduction in Supplementing Wild Tiger Populations" at the Wild 10 Congress in Salamanca, Spain on Oct 6 to an enthusiastic reception, drawing on her experience of more than ten years of successful South China Tiger rewilding and breeding. Her presentation can be found here:

The focus of the Wild 10 Congress is “Rewilding Europe”. Over 900 delegates, ranging from government representatives to wildlife and nature conservation organizations etc from over 50 countries around the world attended the congress. Ms. Quan’s experiment, though initially controversial, has now been accepted as a fully viable (and necessary) alternative to rebuilding wild tiger populations.  Rewilding is now being adopted by many conservation initiatives as a viable model to restore wildlife populations as well as their habitat.

For more details of Wild 10 Congress, please see:

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