Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Massaging (Nieji) the Tiger

I was a baby then but somehow the scene of me receiving the Kneading Massage sticks to my mind. Kneading massage does a lot of good to human babies - it releases tension, increases blood circulation and helps digestion.

When my cats in London had belly problems, I tried it on them-and they seemed to react positively.

When Junior got back from the vet last night, I thought I would try this kneading massage on him too, apart from treatment to loosen his blockage. He calmed down and seemed to fall asleep. I can't be sure it helped but I do know that more and more veterinary practices in the UK now apply the more gentle herbal therapy to cats and dogs wherever applicable., particularly for a small animal, anaesthesia could also mean the animal never waking up from the induced sleep.

We took junior to the vet again to X-ray and to my great relief, the blockage was mostly gone. Junior became feisty again too -crying his heart out and pattering his paws. I was most grateful to him for this show of protesting being stretched out on the X-ray bed! It means he is returning to his normal self...

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