Sunday, 7 July 2013

Important Correction on Article "Tigers Study Abroad" by the World of Chinese

I have added the following comment to the Article "Tigers Study Abroad" by "the World of Chinese" given the mixing-up in the article:

"I need to make an important correction.

I am NO LONGER affiliated with Save China’s Tigers (UK and Hong Kong). I ceased to be a director on August 2 2012.

I am a director of China Tiger Revival, an organization based in Australia and the UK, as well as a committee member of Save China’s Tigers (special fund of the China Green Carbon Foundation) which I initiated and co-established in China.

I am grateful for the continued support of my friends, scientists and patrons, volunteers and well wishers throughout the world and look forward to continuing our important work together.”

-From Li Quan, Founding Director of China Tiger Revival (Aus & UK)

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