Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Rhinos in Rehabilitation Center and Game Farms

The poaching of white rhinos in South Africa increased drastically in South Africa since the South African government implemented a restriction on the number of white rhinos that can be legally hunted per permit (in order to counter the increased number of Vietnamese hunting rhinos in South Africa and subsequently exporting the horns), therefore limiting the number of horns taken out of the country legally. Over 300 rhinos were poached last year, often in a very cruel manner, where the horns were cut off after drugs were darted from helicopters. The rhinos died a painful death. It is of course up to debate that the rhino horns, made of substance similar to that of hair that grows back when cut, have many medicinal value such as curing cancer or reducing fever. But actions have been taken in South Africa which has over 75% of the world's white rhino population, to find solutions to counter this problem. This includes short-term ones such as dehorning the rhinos or poisoning the horns, and long-term solutions such as asking CITIES for permission to lift the bans on rhino horn trading.

I went on a fact-finding mission to record these actions and here is a brief photo record.

Mark @ Careforwild & volunteers

Li with Mark @ Careforwild & volunteers

QL & Banded Mongoose

Petronel & Husband in front of their Fortress home

Founder Petronel @ Careforwild

Baby Rhino Bobby being handreared

Hume's game farm_world's largest private rhino owner

Hume's game farm

Supplementary feeding for rhinos & buffaloes

Some of Humes 400 rhinos

Dehorned rhino mom & baby

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