Monday, 7 July 2008

Two Polar Bears Killed

It saddens me to read this news: "The Second Polar Bear to reach Iceland within two weeks only to be shot dead by authorities prompted further outcries from wildlife advocates. Both animals appear to have made a grueling 300-km swim from Greenland to the North Atlantic island nation".
I have been to Iceland some years ago. I wanted to see whales. But the Icelanders were debating to re-open whaling (kill whales for commercial usage). They are now whaling. Now they shot the two poor polar bears who have lost their homes and swam such a long way from the arctic to Iceland asking for help....
Are we Chinese more large hearted to accomodate these poor homeless animals if ever they swam to the shore of the Yellow Sea? I cross my fingers.
July 6th 2008. On the flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg

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