Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Tiger Junior’s Second Month

Weighing now over 7kg and Junior has started on solid food –mainly chicken. Initially he did not like the taste and refused to eat it, but has accepted it now (Note: Meat is an acquired taste among felines). Strangely he does not chew his food yet, but merely sucks it and then swallows the piece whole. BUT he does chew his toys! He continues to be exceptionally playful. He jumps on anything and “attacks” anyone he can reach. His large, stuffed toy dog has been chewed on and attacked so many times THAT the toy is starting to show signs of wear and tear. Junior loves all his toys -behaviour not seen before with Siberian and Bengal cubs the vet nurse had raised, but then again they had litter mates to play with. Junior is continuing his “tiger behaviour” by shaking anything that he takes into his mouth, including his pieces of chicken.

A typical day in the life of Junior:

At 04:00 waking up he starts screaming to be put on the bed. This is ignored and eventually he walks to the towel and urinates by himself. He then starts to play.
At 06:00 fed first bottle totalling between 120 and 200ml.
At 09.00 another bottle of 120ml
At 09:30 he is fed a chicken breast.
At 13.00 he has another bottle totalling 120ml.
Between 13:00 and 14:00 he goes outside in the garden, walking and playing in the grass
At 17.00 fed another chicken breast, after which he goes back outside to play.
At 18:00 fed bottle totalling 120ml. He no longer goes to sleep after being fed. After this bottle he normally plays with his toys inside the house.
At 22.00/23:00 fed his last bottle of the day totalling 120ml.

His milk is now missed in with an egg every other day. He is urinating by himself, either on the towel or in the shower. He still needs to be stimulated to defecate, but he has not had trouble with constipation again (THANK GOODNESS). He is also now able to lap water from a bowl, but seems to prefer to lick the shower floor or any other wet surface (NAUGHTY BOY!). He LICKS any new object he encounters outside. He does seem to prefer walking on the cement or tiles, but he is being steered away from them and taught to walk and play in the grass (We don’t want him to become 327…).

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