Monday, 3 December 2007

Is the South China Tiger saving us rather??

Who is saving who? Are we saving the South China Tiger or is the South China Tiger saving us?

Isn't the South China Tiger saving us too? Saving us from indifference to their plight, saving us from ignorance of their Eco-systems, saving us from loosing our own natural heritage, saving us from forgetting our own cultural identity, and saving us from destroying the very environment that we human need for long term survival!

Whether Zhou Zhenglong's photo of the "wild South China Tiger" is real or fake, the attention it is getting is proving the power of the "King". It is a mirror. It puts our human integrity to test. It amplifies our human weaknesses. It exposes our human greed. If we humans are wise, we should see the picture the South China Tiger has painted us. We should take actions and make necessary changes. We should do something for the tiger, for the habitat, and for the environment.

But Alas, when are we going to become wise?????

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