Tuesday, 25 September 2007

TIGERS DILEMMA- A Dialogue Among Tigers

A Tiger Cub in a European Zoo,:A Wild Indian (Bengal) Tigers, A Thai Farmed Tiger and A Chinese Farmed Tiger are having a conversation.

Indian Tiger: “I have been the centre of discussion again lately. There seems to be a lot fewer of my kind now in India than previously admitted, only 1300”. See Daily Mail

Chinese Farmed Tiger: “I am the subject of discussion lately too. Some humans want to sell me as medicine when I die of old age in order to save you wild cousins. (See Report ). Others want to cull me now to stop me being used when I die -I overheard an official from the organization “Traffic” saying this on Oct 20th in the Felid Conference in Oxford. Either way the picture wont be pretty.”.

European Tiger Cub: “But my mates are already being killed and sold to taxidermists to be made into stuffed tiger! I overheard that if I am no longer cute and cuddly, I am no longer useful for attracting visitors so zoos have no space for us big tigers. I want to become a pigmy!.” (See Times Article ),

Thai Farmed Tiger: “How about me? My mates are already sold for food and skin! My owners got busted some time ago” ( See EIA Report) “But how can we stop humans eating us and wearing us on their belly when there are so many of them? Even a tiny fraction of them is a large number. No government or NGO will spend enough money to education 6 billion of them.”

Indian Tiger: “Worse is to come! There will be at least 9 billion of them by 2050. And there are 40 million poor humans living around me and my mates now. I am not sure the Indian government’s US $10million annual funding has ever reached any of these poor souls. What choices do they have but to trap us and sell our skins and bones to make a living??? Our sacrifice gives these poor souls at least a bit of money to live on!”

All the tigers, wild, zoo and farmed, fall silent.

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